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What the Mission Means to Me 

by Kenya Williams

The Mission of the Holy Spirit is a huge part of many people's lives.   It has affected many people by providing things for them in a time of need no matter what age, ethnicity, or background.  The Mission affects anyone who comes in contact with them in a positive way.

The Mission was built for the purpose of improvement and is committed to improving children's lives in any way possible. They feed those who need to be fed a healthy meal,  clothe those who need clothes and if they need personal things to keep themselves up it is there with no problem.

Our pastor, Keith Josie, is dedicated to providing a drama free environment for the children and exposing them to new and different things.   They see many places and people that helps to mold them into more intellectual and educated human beings.  The Mission has study hall every Wednesday which has been a huge help.   A good percentage of the children who steadily attend the Mission go to college and an even greater percentage graduate from high school. 

The Mission is a wonderful organization. I hope that it stays around for long time.